SAQA: Studio Art Quilt Associates

I belong to one quilt association, and that association is SAQA.  This is a group with members from all the states and many foreign countries.  It was originally formed in 1989, and contains over 4,000 members.  It does not take the place of your local quilt guild and exhibitions.  But it offers many advantages that cannot be found on a local level.

It’s often said that what you get out of something depends on what you put into it, and I find that true with SAQA.  When I first joined years ago, that was it, I was a member and did nothing else.  This time around I volunteered to be a co-representative for the New York Region, and have been working on exhibits, newsletters, answering individual member’s questions – it changes every day.  Even if you don’t want to get that involved, SAQA is a great source for calls for entry.  SAQA Global offers exhibits all over the world, but regional groups also offer exhibits within their regions.  Our New York group is planning one for the Fall of 2023.  And SAQA’s website is a great source for exhibitions not sponsored by SAQA.

You can volunteer for all sorts of necessary programsI .  And there are special interest groups that meet regularly.  A conference is held once a year, and regions often hold their own conferences.  SAQA has two regular magazine publications, and publishes other work. 

Another program that interests many members is the juried artist group.  These artists are those that have submitted a portfolio of their work for review, and been approved to become a JAM.  There is a mentorship program that assigns one of the juried artists to help another member who has asked for guidance in submitting their own portfolio.  And there is help for those who are looking to take their hobby to a more professional level.

SAQA charges $80 a year for artist and associate memberships; $45 for student memberships, and $145 for a juried artist.  You cannot begin as a juried artist, so the most you would pay at first is $80.  There are aid programs for people who want to join but cannot afford it.

I hope you will consider joining.  Belonging has introduced me to many people from everywhere, all with an interest – some would say obsession – with quilt art.  It has also made me aware of what’s involved in taking my work to a more professional level.

Go to and take a look around.  There’s a lot that will probably pique your interest.