Quilting Resources



My favorite online source for quilting fabrics (all kinds of design) and quilting supplies. As an added bonus, they donate 2% of your order to charity, without cost to you.

Quilts and Treasures Quilt Store

56-58 Shaker Road, East Longmeadow, MA. http://www.quiltsandtreasuresinc.com

My favorite actual store for shopping for quilt fabric and supplies. It’s a one-and-a-half hour drive from my house, but worth it several times a year. You can order fabric online, but there is much more in the actual store.

Dharma Trading Co.


This is a great source for all types of crafting supplies. It does have some fabrics, mostly different types of silks.

Stef Francis


This site is physically located in England, and there is an exchange rate to take into account when ordering from them. But I have found no other place in the United States with their variety of yarns, ribbons and fibers, embellishments and kits. They also sell a limited amount of fabric.


Studio Art Quilt Association – https://www.saqa.com

This is the only quilt organization I belong to at this time. It is an organization with international membership, and offers a lot of services for its members. I especially like their Calls for Entries section, which includes information about SAQA and outside shows and contests.


Rayna Gillman


Rayna describes herself as an artist, author and teacher, and she excels at all three. I’ve been to one of her workshops and it was totally non-stress, with great results.

Maggie Grey


Maggie has written several books filled with inspiration and techniques. Now she has joined with other artists to produce WOWbooks – five so far – which describe and explain state-of-the-art techniques.

Sandra Meech


Sandra’s work has inspired me for years, and any or all of her books are wonderful to explore.

I recently received an email from a Senior Girl Scout leader. She told me her scouts were meeting virtually and working on a textile badge. They had come across my website and were using this Quilting Resources page as a source of information. They also told me about another website they had found useful. I checked it out and it did have a lot of information covering a wide range of quilting experiences, and they thought you might like to have access to it also. I am grateful to Shana Mendelson and her Scouts for making me aware of this site:


I just heard from another Girl Scout who has used the Resources page to work toward her Textile Artist Badge (I love that they have this badge now. In my day it was all about sewing clothes). Corrine Stevens is the Girl Scout who found the following very useful source:


It’s quite a mouthful but the site does have a very long list of products and ways to get rid of stains on them. I think I’ll find the one for chocolate most useful. So thank you, Corrine, for adding to our resources!