Author: barbmeilinger

A Newly Published Novel

I have recently self-published a novel (which does not even contain the word ‘quilt’ anywhere in it) and I want to use this space today to do a little promotion for it. The title of the book is AN INCONVENIENT MARRIAGE, author Barbara Meilinger.  It has been published by KDP.Amazon and if you are interested, […]

SAQA: Studio Art Quilt Associates

I belong to one quilt association, and that association is SAQA.  This is a group with members from all the states and many foreign countries.  It was originally formed in 1989, and contains over 4,000 members.  It does not take the place of your local quilt guild and exhibitions.  But it offers many advantages that […]

Places to Donate Quilts for Kids

I’ve been hearing from a couple of Girl Scouts lately who have found my Resources section useful for working on their Textile Arts badges.  That led me to thinking about what Girl Scouts, and the rest of us, can do about donating quilts to people who may need them.  If individuals or groups want to […]

So You Want to Make an Art Quilt?

Before I begin talking about art quilting in general, I want to point out a site that has beautiful discharge examples. It’s at The pieces are so effective because of the different levels of bleaching done within one piece, leading to different colors or lack of colors all together. It’s definitely worth a look. […]

Removing Color From Fabric

As hard as I work sometimes to add color to fabric, I also enjoy removing it. I have most often used household bleach, but have also used Jacquard deColourant and bleach pens. Since this process takes away color, it makes sense that it works best on darker fabrics. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it […]


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