A Newly Published Novel

I have recently self-published a novel (which does not even contain the word ‘quilt’ anywhere in it) and I want to use this space today to do a little promotion for it.

The title of the book is AN INCONVENIENT MARRIAGE, author Barbara Meilinger.  It has been published by KDP.Amazon and if you are interested, it is very easy to acquire.  Just go to Amazon.com and type in either the book title or my name.  There are a few books with the same title, but last I checked, my name brings up only this book.  Then you can receive information about the book itself and ways to purchase it. It is available in paperback for $9.00 and e-book for $2.99. 

I believe you can also read several pages on the Amazon site.

I also have another website besides this quilting one dedicated to writing, that is called www.bamauthor.com.  Going to this site allows you to click right to the buying site on Amazon, and it also has several pages of excerpts to give you an idea of what the book is about. And what is the book about?  The protagonist is Joanna, a young wife and mother who is presented with the unexpected news that her husband wants to leave her to marry another woman.  The plot of the book goes forward from there, in relating how Joanna deals with the news, continuing to raise her two children, talking things out with her friends and family, and generally continuing to live her life.  She is initially in shock but fortunately has a well-developed sense of humor which helps her come to terms with all of it, and hopefully helps lighten the mood of a book which is relating a sad family event.

If you do read the book, I’d love to hear what you think about it, good or bad.  Even bad reviews teach me something that I can carry forward to further writing.  I do have one professional review, which I have added here below, if you are interested.

Review of An Inconvenient Marriage – reviewer Joyjim, OnlineBookClub.org

Infidelity can hurt an innocent mate deeply.  Sadly, it has become commonplace in modern society.  It is also a popular cause of divorce in many lands.  AN INCONVENIENT MARRIAGE by Barbara Meilinger relates Joanna’s marital experience.

Joanna was in her kitchen when her husband, Tommy, came in with a beautiful woman.  He declared that he had fallen in love with Lynn, his girlfriend, and he desires to divorce his wife and marry her.  Joanna was speechless.  He then stopped living with his wife and two children.   Joanna’s check on the cost of divorce services revealed that this wasn’t going to be an easy journey.  The lawyer’s rate was $200 per hour.  The estranged couple attended counseling sessions at the recommendation of a relative.  However, it seems that reconciliation is not the answer as Tommy upholds his love for Lynn.  To make matters worse, Lynn further took it upon herself to visit Joanna’s home to deliver scathing remarks about how her husband no longer loves her.

Reading about the abrupt revelation of Tommy’s infidelity in the opening chapter of this book was a shocker.  I was stunned, to say the least.  The narrative was very much descriptive and emotional.  Also, Joanna’s response was totally unexpected and quite mature.  I was sucked into the story from the get-go and was unable to put the book down.

I love the fact that the protagonist was open with her feelings and emotions.  This made the book real.  There were instances when she was overcome with strong emotions.  She did not glaze over these situations but shared her honest feelings.  This made the book original and unique.

Many spouses have hurriedly given up on their marriage at the first hint of distress.  However, the steps Joanna took were worthy of emulation and could help other flailing marital unions.  I love the inclusion of different school activities and humorous stories about relatives and friends in the book.  They were a welcome diversion to the sober issue of divorce.  I particularly enjoyed stories about Oupa and Granny.  They were my favorite parts of the book.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.  I have no dislikes about it.  It was exceptionally well edited.  Divorce has become a nagging problem in modern times.  Therefore, this book can provide much-needed information to people who are on the brink of divorce or others who are in a position to advise estranged couples.